Shower Glass Cleaning Tips

bond cleaning - show glassFor those people who decided to do the end of lease cleaning themselves, many found it hard to properly clean the shower glass to achieve a satisfying result for their landlord/agent.

The No. 1 rule in shower glass cleaning, or in all bond cleaning, is to clean regularly. Having been in the bond cleaning business for years, we’ve seen many households left their shower glass unattended to a point where it’s impossible to clean in one go. If buildup has been left on the shower glass for too long, it is not always possible to remove it fully. Here we share a few cleaning tips to make you shower glass like new again. For those with long time buildups, it may take several attempts to achieve satisfying results.

Soap Scum – What is it?

We all have seen it, and no shower or bath is impervious to this menace. Soap scum build up is more than just dried on suds, which is why it is so hard to remove. In most cases soap scum is a mix of soap, shampoo and body oils as well as hard water stains together. The calcium and magnesium from the water combined with the greasy acids in your soap, and when the mixture dries, it gives you that familiar crusty or filmy layer. If you are lucky, you will even have some body oils and mildew thrown into the mix. This powerful combination sticks like glue to tile, fiberglass and marble, but it is especially noticeable on glass.

What Is A Hard Water Spot?

Water that has a high level of mineral content is called hard water. Water condition varies in different areas. The higher level of  mineral means the harder the water is. Spotting on the glass and tiles occurs when t water evaporates or dries and the mineral are left behind. These spots are often referred to as hard water spot or lime scale because they will typically form in spots that overlap to form what looks like scales or shingles. As mentioned above, this framework gives soap residue something extra to stick to, and that only makes the problems even harder for everyday or bond cleaners.

Depending upon your supply, some water may be more hard than others, and it will make cleaning your tub or shower difficult, but it will also make it more difficult to wash yourself as well. The surfactant property of the soap is destroyed by the excess mineral content, and that causes the scum effect as opposed to the lather or bubble effect. Instead of foaming up on your skin to wash away dirt, soap smears and coats and is difficult to wash off, and the same is true for every surface of your shower too. When water is soft, it will usually rinse free from glass and other surfaces, but the harder it is, the more spots and stains you will experience. Because not everyone can run out and purchase a whole house water softener to counteract the effect, it is in your best interest to have a cleaning product that can take it off with ease.

The White Vinegar Solution

There are lots of things you can clean with vinegar, and this happens to be one of them. Vinegar is a harmless acid that can eat through calcium buildups eventually over time. This method is worth mentioning because most people have some at home, and it does actually work with enough effort and the correct technique. It will not remove thick layers or scum that seems like cement, but for light lime scale or hard water, it can be effective enough to give it a shot. Because vinegar brands and specific mineral content will vary, so will your results. To try this technique, simply wet a sponge with pure vinegar, and wipe the area all over. Heating it may make it work better, but be careful with getting it too hot. Keep applying as it dries because you want the door to soak for at least five minutes to allow the vinegar time to work. After several minute of effort, the soap scum should begin to break apart and melt away. Once this happens, take a rinsed sponge and wipe away until it is clean. You will get a pretty strong smell, and in most cases it will not go away right as you finish. This may irritate some folks, but you may be more irritated by your dirty shower, so it is worth a shot if it is all you have.


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