Non – Toxic Oven Cleaning Tips

non toxic oven cleaning top bond cleaning brisbaneBond cleaners always use spray-on oven cleaners when doing end of lease cleaning. They only do use it the achieve fast results. But you don’t have to. As oven cleaner is easily one of the most toxic chemicals that you have in your home, and it’s going to skin, hair and breath system, it’s best to avoid unless you have to. If you want to do your household cleaning in a health way, it’s best to stay away from this strong cleaner. Here we share a few steps you could follow to do a non – toxic oven clean:

1.  Carefully take out all oven racks (these racks and trays can be cleaned separately the same way).
2. Make a 1:1 vinegar and hot water mix and spray evenly inside the oven. Get it pretty wet all over.
3. Use a sponge to apply baking soda to the surface and putting more on any caked on food particles.
4. Sprinkle salt over and mix with the baking soda.
5. Spray again with the vinegar & hot water mix. If you hear a nice bubbling sound, it’s the reaction of the vinegar and baking soda doing its work.
6. Leave it to sit overnight.
7. With the course side of sponge scrub the oven. You’ll see how easily everything comes up.
8. Spray again with vinegar/water to help remove everything.
9. Wipe with old towels or paper towels.

That’s it! You’ll have a nice shiny oven. Now, to prevent the oven from getting super messy again, you can try one of these oven liners. You put it at the bottom of your oven and it collects all the spills. You can remove it, clean it with soap and water, and reuse it.


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