How to Clean Air Conditioner Filters

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If the property you’re renting has air conditioners, then you are required to thoroughly clean the air conditioner filters when doing your end of lease bond cleaning. It is an easy job and can totally be done by yourself.

Most air conditioner filters are reusable and washable. But there are some filters that need replacing. So check your users manual first if you’re not sure. To clean the filters there are only a few simple steps.

If you have a split system air conditioner: wipe over the top of the air conditioner first and remove all dust. Then carefully remove the face panel and pull the filters out, whilst being aware that the vent behind it is not damaged. Then rinse the filter under running water and use a soft brush to get any additional dirt out. For air conditioners fitted in the dining room or anywhere close to the kitchen, grease and build up on the air conditioner filter. So it’s a good idea to soak it in dish washing solution for at least 4 hours. After thoroughly clean all the dust and grease built up on the filter, it is best to let the filters dry naturally. Do not use a hair dryer on the filter as the heat may cause damage to the fabrics. Once the filter is dry we recommend going over it with a dust buster or the hose of a vacuum cleaner to get any left dirt. Once the filter is clean and dry you can just snap it back into the unit.

For a ducted system: unscrew the retaining nut. The frame will hinge downward exposing the filter. Slide the filter free from the frame. The best method is to hose the filter from the clean site until all the dust is off. Then you can hose from the other direction. Shake off any excess water and leave to dry naturally. Once it is completely dry, re-install the filter to the grill frame, close the frame and screw grill back together.


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