Clean Shower Grout

Cleaning shower grout is easily one of the most frustrating bond and end of lease cleaning chores you can face. Grout grime is so tough to remove that it almost seems to morph into the original color. Below are five basic ways for how to clean grout in cleaning grout

The first way is to use a bleach solution. This is the most common method used by many bond cleaning experts. Get a spray bottle and mix the bleach solution with water, using a 1:2 ratio respectively. For colored tiles, get a bleach that contains a color-guard attribute to protect the color of your shower tiles. After mixing, begin spraying on the shower grout, giving focus to areas with mold or mildew. Let the bleach stay ­­for about twenty minutes before washing it off with water.

The second method to clean your shower grout is to use either lemon juice or vinegar. Lemon juice is very popular because of its cleaning effect on clothes and dishes, although it works on other areas as well. For shower grout, squeeze the lemon, and let its juice settle within the grout for at least fifteen minutes. Lemon is mild and therefore will not cause any discoloration of your tiles.

Vinegar is not as popular as lemon when it comes to cleaning, but is equally effective. One way to use vinegar is to soak paper towels with it, then stick the paper towels to the tile. Wait for several hours; as the paper towels dry, the vinegar will soak into the grout and will also leave the surface of the tile clean and shiny. Another way to use vinegar is to put it in a spray bottle and liberally spray your grout and tiles. The smell of vinegar may be strong, but it should not cause breathing problems like strong chemicals will.

The third method to clean grout is with baking soda. Baking soda is intended for baking, but believe it or not, it also makes a fantastic cleaner for all kinds of things. Using either water or vinegar, mix the baking soda into a paste. If you would like a touch of scrubbing power, the add a bit of salt. Cover your grout, as well as any holes or cracks in your tiles. After a few minutes wash off a small section of tile to see if the baking soda has done it’s magic. If not, leave it on longer. You may need to leave the solution on for several hours.

The fourth way to effectively clean your shower grout is using a steam vapor cleaner. Steam cleaners can clean your grout in a matter of minutes. Just add tap water into the steamer, and allow the water to heat up beyond the boiling point. The heated water produces hot steam, which will very quickly remove all the dirt, and at the same time kill the living microbes that dwell within the grout. This tool is safe and easy to use, and does not require long hours of kneeling and scrubbing. However, it can be hot work, and depending on the size of the steamer’s reservoir, you may have to wait for the water to heat up. While this can be a great way to get grout really clean, the machines can be expensive, so if you are pressed for cash, look into the methods above first.

The last method for shower grout “cleaning” is to use a grout pen with a water proof epoxy. This will put a bead of epoxy on the grout resealing the damaged surface and renewing the look of the grout. While this can be done without any prior cleaning, it’s a good idea to use one of the other tips above to get the grout as clean as possible before you start. While it definitely does this trick, this involves long and tedious work, as you have to “draw” or “write” over every grout line individually. It usually takes 24 hours after resealing your grout before you can use the shower again.

No matter what method you use, it is always wise to choose the method that best suits your needs and your budget. You have may to try a few ways before you find the method that best works for you.

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