Cleaning Tips from Professional Bond Cleaners

Bond Cleaning Tips and ResponsibilitiesWhen you’ve decided to move out and started packing up, there are a few choices to be made. One is whether to hire professional bond cleaners, or complete the end of lease cleaning yourself. In most cases people will hire bond cleaners to do the work as moving out is a long tiring process. However, if you feel as though you can handle it alone then there’s no reason you can’t just be prepared to use some elbow grease.

First thing you need to do is to complete some research and write down a checklist. You can also print out our Bond Cleaning Checklist. It is a summary of what generally needs to be done in order to get a full bond return. Following are a few detailed aspects that you should focus on:


Ensure that all walls are cleaned properly. Dust the walls first with a microfiber towel. Wash the wall with sugar soap and sponge mop. Then spot clean the marks on the walls and cover any nicks and dents. If you are using any other chemicals than sugar soap to get rid of the wall marks, make sure you test it on a small area first, as some chemical may strip the paint.


Skirting Boards:

One of the things that might slip your mind without an thorough checklist is wiping down the skirting boards. It won’t take long but will be easily noticed if you forgot.



Common window cleaning products and techniques will be appropriate. But you need to make sure that you do a thorough job and clean the window frames, sills, window tracks, blinds and curtains as well. Use and screw driver and damp cloth to clean the window tracks.


Cupboards and sinks:

Use surface spray and scourer to clean the surfaces. Get inside every crux of the cupboards to remove any dust and grime. Remove any grease and buildups on the cupboard doors. Scrub the sink with bleach and wipe it with a dry cloth to give a spotless finish.


Bathroom and laundry

Cleaning every bathroom and laundry crevice is of high importance as this is a sanitary requirement as well as an aesthetic element. You should use a good amount of disinfectant and toilet cleaning products to ensure that you’re not leaving a bad smell or grime. Ensure all grouting is looking in the best shape possible and the corners of the showers are mold free.


Garage and shed:

You may be lucky enough to have a small garage with limited space to collect junk and mess, however a lot of tenants utilise this space for storage. If you’ve got lots of storage and items to clean from either your garage or shed then you also need to make sure that there isn’t any nasty stains, spiderwebs or general waste. Make sure you get some protective gloves on and begin to clean every aspect of this space. If you own a pressure washer then this is perfect for any outdoor floor and wall cleaning.


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